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  • “Dip” Rings “Dip” Rings

    “Dip” Rings

    Silver and 18 carat gold set with diamonds and a ruby.
    These rings have a large “dip” in the side. This is to allow the finger to sit in to the “dip”. This allows for the silver to be much thicker than normally can be worn. These rings can also be worn as neck pieces (Ringdents).
    from € 600
  • Salome Rues Ring Salome Rues Ring

    Salome Rues Ring

    18 carat gold and diamonds.
    This design was carved into the metal three dimensionally thus depicting Salome´s rueful expression. Séan sold a collection of six of these rings to Garrard of London - the Crown Jewellers.
    from € 1,500
  • Ring Stick Ring Stick

    Ring Stick

    Diamond, sapphire, platinum and pure gold inlay.
    These rings are all very different in design but have a consistency in the techniques Sean used to make them appear like they are from the same maker.
    from € 1,000
  • Ring Rack Ring Rack

    Ring Rack

    Diamond, silver and 18 carat yellow gold.
    The gold runs entirely through the ring and is emphasized by the small gaps between the gold and silver. The gap is then ‘oxidized’ to give contrast. This design makes unusual but consistant wedding rings keeping the price down due to the silver content.
    from € 500
  • Ringdent Ringdent


    Silver, 18 carat yellow gold and diamonds.
    This ringdent can either be worn as a ring or as a neckpiece. The ring is made from a single sheet of silver with the gold later attached. The ringdent was then set with eight diamonds.
    from € 2,500
  • Ogham Wedding Rings Ogham Wedding Rings

    Ogham Wedding Rings

    Platinum with pure gold inlay.
    These Rings are inlaid with Ogham writing. Ogham is an Early Medieval alphabet used primarily to write the Old Irish language. Ogham is sometimes called the "Celtic Tree Alphabet". This writing is used to convey a personal message in fine gold.
    from € 1,500 each